The World Almanac Book of the Strange, Vol. 1

Who was Nostradamus?

What is The Crystal Skull?

Who carved the giant Heads made out of rock, on Easter Island? and how? and why?

Why have planes and ships disappeared in “The Bermuda Triangle”?

Why do we sometimes experience Deja Vu?

What is Automatic Writing?

Order the book: The World Almanac Book of the Strange, Volume 1.  This is THE most fair, level-headed, pro and con book on all of those odd and unusual things you’ve wondered about that I’ve ever seen so far.  A fascinating variety of topics covered, with reasons for, and reasons against. You decide. Definitely an interesting read.

The Moai on Easter Island

The Moai. These are huge rock statues on Easter Island, which is west of South America.

How were they built? Why? What is the meaning of them? And what happened to the people who built them? But the big mystery is, how did they do it?  Here is more info from

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