People are Funny. Cell Phones.

People are funny. With their Cell Phones. Here’s what gets me. I go onto and I read some customer reviews about various different Cell Phones. Over and over and over, I read people commenting, often, on the phones Camera. They wish it was higher mega-pixels. They wish it had a camera in front and in back, not just one. Camera, camera, camera. As if nothing else matters. Maybe, once in awhile, someone might comment on Battery-life.

But—What are we talking about?

A Phone. Why were phones invented? To talk to people.

And so I find it quite odd that hardly anyone even mentions:

How does it SOUND?? Do you get a good signal? Is the person you’re talking to coming in loud-n-clear? Do they sound far away? Is the sound too muffled? Or fuzzy/scratchy/distorted? Can the other person hear you OK? And yet no one seems to care. Very few people comment on that.  Amazing! What about listening to videos on Youtube or tunes on Spotify? I don’t need a 117 megapixel camera with a 35x zoom. For me, its much more about the Audio.

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Friendship & Respect

Things We Shouldn’t Have To Say To New Friends But Want Them To Know Anyway
1. Call first, before you come over. Don’t surprise me.
2. When I say: Sure! Come on over…that means –you.  ONLY you! Don’t bring over 2 of your buddies from work, or any kid in diapers, or your dog.
3. Unless it’s an emergency, don’t call before 9am or after 8pm. I probably won’t answer my phone. I’ll do the same.
4. When you come over, don’t block my car in the driveway.
5. Don’t walk in with your unfinished burger & fries, bag of potato chips or soda pop. I didn’t invite you over to dump your garbage.  I have food, or will offer you a beer, or we’ll go somewhere.
6. Absolutely no smoking in my place.
Do I really need to say these things? Yes, as I feel there are just too many all-too-casual and lax people out there. I’m within my rights. So are you, the other way around.
Who is in charge at *your* house?

Now let’s dare to go one step further. What if I said: when you come over, leave your cell phone out in your car. Why? (This one, I may not actually do, but it’s tempting. The other things listed above are more important).
Because if you’re coming over, it should be to visit and talk to each other. So let’s do that. And you’ll have my attention, too. What I don’t want to happen is to have you no sooner arrive and in 2 minutes your phone rings and you gab and yak and talk and gab on your phone with one of your other friends for 25 minutes right in front of me as I sit there, uninvolved. No way!

Now that’s a good test-scenario. I wonder how most “pro-boundary people” would handle that one. One person gets accused of “flexing their muscles too much” while the other one is rude and inconsiderate. Cute! What do you think, and Why? People say we all have the right to have Boundaries, but will we be “control freaks” if we do? Feel free to leave a comment, below.  See my other posts at:
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