Old TV Western. “The Guns of Will Sonnett”

This was a 70’s Western TV show. “The Guns of Will Sonnett” starring Walter Brennan.  This show is available on DVD through Amazon.   Funny, how there are so many crime shows on TV but hardly any Westerns (are there any?) today.

The original Dark Shadows.

Here is a beginning recap of the original Dark Shadows TV show! The show is also available on DVD. Amazon.com should have it.  Thanks, Youtube,  Turn it up. Hear the story. Enjoy!

The Immortal. (an old TV show)

What if you never got sick? What if you were immune to all diseases, including old age?

What if the wrong people knew about it?  Like someone very, very rich—and dying.

Ben Richards (played by actor Christopher George) has that immunity. And he’s on the run because of it. “The Immortal” was an old TV show, back around 1970-’71, I think. This YouTube trailer gives you the whole idea.    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=My_85FhMat8

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