Solar Fire Astrology software program

Have you ever used or do you have the Solar Fire Astrology software program?

Do you like it?  Name 2 things that you like best about it. How does it compare to another program called Kepler?

AstrologyZone & your Sept. Horoscope

Thanks to Susan Miller and her website:

Free is a good price and Astrologer Susan Miller gives a good amount of info in your monthly Sept. Horoscope.   Be sure to also click on Pg. 2, 3, etc. when you get to bottom of pages.


Monthly April Horoscope from

Check it out. Monthly April Horoscope from Susan Miller and

Click your sign and also pgs, 2, 3, etc. Free is a good price.

Astrology. December Horoscope.

They say: “Free, is a good price.”  At , Astrologer Susan Miller gives a MONTHLY Horoscope for all signs.Check it out.  Be sure to also click pgs. 2 and 3 at bottom, too.

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