“I Drink Alone” by George Thorogood & the Destroyers

Listen up and CRANK IT UP! This dude Rocks!

Here is George Thorogood & the Destroyers, playing “I Drink Alone”.   Thanks, Youtube.

Rock On! “I Drink Alone” by George Thorogood

Rock On!  Turn it up! Here’s George Thorogood and “I Drink Alone”.

Thanks, YouTube.

This song kicks butt.  But please drink responsibly.   PS—-scroll down and see my last  15 posts on a variety of interesting topics.   🙂    — theOwl30

Blues! “The Stumble” by Jimmy Thackery

This is good Blues guitar. “The Stumble” by Jimmy Thackery. Thanks, YouTube. Play it loud, haha!

Bluesy-Jazz. Lem Winchester & Benny Golson

Jazz! Here’s “Winchester Special” by Lem Winchester & Benny Golson.

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