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Astrology, November 2020 and Joni Patry

Meet Joni Patry, Vedic Astrologer. What does she know? Hear what she says about November 2020. Don’t worry if she mentions things like “Nak-shatra’s” or Rahu & Katu. Focus more on the dates she gives and what the energies or influences will be around those times. This video may raise a few eyebrows. Interesting stuff. Have a listen. Sounds like a wild ride.


Calling any Astrologers

I bought a beginning-overview book on Astrology and also had my chart printed out. From my own research, it seems very highly likely that if any of us had an Astrologer do our Natal (birth) Chart, it would “automatically” (by default) be done, by having used the Placidus House system, or “Placidus Houses”. No newbie customer would ask why, and most Astrologers would not offer –or even mention– any of the other systems. How did using Placidus ever get so “popular”? Why? But the question I’m really curious about is:

Placidus, or “Equal house” system? I decided to also find out what my chart would say if done using Equal Houses. It came out mostly the same but—a couple planets ended up in different houses! And overall, at least for me, using Equal Houses seems to be more accurate. I have read that the Koch system is good for people born in higher latitudes, but I would think that unless you were born in Alaska or Northern Sweden, this would be a non-issue. So, for those of us born in “the 48 states” of the USA, which is better: Placidus, or Equal Houses? Which on seems more accurate to you? Thanks! 🙂