Is WordPress Dead?

Is WordPress dead? I’m starting to think so. I have this Blog and there is, if I say so myself, a better batch of variety of Topics than many Blogs which tend to be only about one thing.

But still, almost no one comments on anything. I have alot of categories listed. And the blog has been here for many months. But almost no one says anything. Could this be because I am using the totally free dot com version, and not paying any monthly fee? Is the SEO lousy for free accounts? Even with the Tags I put in my posts? To make them easier to find?

Or, have most people switched over to places such as Parler? or Bitchute? or

I feel I have here “a good body of work”/posts. I’ve posted Old TV shows, Music, books and more. But the whole atmosphere, response-wise is so….dead. As B.B. King says: : “The Thrill is gone.” Or close to it. Maybe I may still write here now & then. If I stop, I might just leave what I’ve written. Some people may discover it and like it. But anymore, it feels like “mehh, there’s gotta be something better out there.” And more fun. What do they say? –38% of the world is on WordPress? But I’d never know it, here. It has gotten to be too boring for me. But I’ve posted alot. Explore my old posts. Click on my Categories. There’s alot of variety.

Author: theOwl30

I like Music, Psychology, Spirituality, TV.

One thought on “Is WordPress Dead?”

  1. I’ll tell you that my blog is 3 1/2 years old and I’ve paid for my name ( for the last two… and… I ask many of the same questions that you do. Like you, I have a ton of content and tag everything. I’m no SEO expert but I’ll be damned if I can figure out how to get more visitors, not to mention comment. I am grateful for the several who do comment often but it’s only a handful. I will say that in the last six months, my blog traffic has grown exponentially (in comparison to earlier years) so … the more it attracts, I guess? If you figure it out, please let me know. It can be very frustrating to put your “all” out there and get little or nothing in return.

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