Covid-19 Lockdowns are BS

Meet Knut Wittkowski, Ph.D He disagrees with Dr. Fauci but he is more convincing. Share this video.

Dr. Fauci vs. Dr. Wittkowski: Endless Mitigations or Herd Immunity – YouTube

Flash Forward, TV

There was a Blackout. It was Worldwide. But it wasn’t technology. It was People, everywhere, who blacked out. And they had visions. Of their own Future.

Some of these visions were quite bad. But do they have to happen? And then, as people go on living their lives, things and situations happen, and they realize: Oh my God! This was like part of what was in my earlier vision.

What caused the Blackout? What caused the visions? Are the people helpless against Fate? This show is available on DVD.

A pet OWL

This is ssoooo Cool!! A guy has a pet Owl. Very cute. Owls have a sharp beak and strong talons/claws. Somehow this Owl knows not to squeeze or bite too hard when it sits on its owners shoulder or nibbles on his fingers. This is awesome!

扉を開けるとフクロウがいる家 – YouTube

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