Spiritual Advancement

I like to read about Religions, Psychic development, Spirituality, etc.

When you ask someone else who is “into” those sorts of things: “Why are we here? What is our purpose?”—-you might be told: “to advance and develop, spiritually.”

This may sound good, but if you pause and think about it for a minute, that tells you almost nothing at all. So let’s go deeper and ask:

  1. Exactly what—is “more spiritual”?
  2. Whatever it is, it should be recognizable, so you could say you want to be more like *that*, and describe what that is.
  3. How can you tell when one person is “farther along the Path” than someone who is a newbie?
  4. Is your Teacher or mentor more Spiritual than you? How? Exactly what makes him or her that way?
  5. Even if they are more advanced, does this mean in any way that they have further “evolved”? Far too many people take “spiritual evolution” to be some automatic given, as if all you have to do is simply be interested at all or just read 1 or 2 books and evolution is automatic….but if you believe in spiritual evolution, ask yourself: “evolving” towards …What?? How? And how would you know that it’s any “higher”? No one really seems to be able to say. So again, what is Spiritual development? How does more of it look different from less of it and how do you know you are doing it? People work out in a Gym to get physically stronger. How can you exercise in order to advance or get stronger spiritually? Comments always welcome.

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  1. I have recently ordered Paul Twitchell’s “The Spiritual Notebook”. Very early. Haven’t made it to chapter 3 yet. Willing to check it out but not sure about all of these “planes”. Maybe too many of them? The problem with ALOT of spiritual systems is (in my opinion): people mistake elaborate complexity to be “wisdom”. This may keep it from being criticized (since few will completely read a long or very involved “path”) but on the other hand, for the very same reason, it will lose many many of its followers, as people get bored or exhausted and want something simpler, and move on to something else. Theosophy is a stellar example of this. Don’t know where I’ll end up, but for now the search is interesting.

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