Interview w/Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Covid-19 Virus

A few weeks ago, the Covid-19 Virus was worse. Since then, I have heard that hospital admissions, notably in New York, where it was quite bad, have gone down. It would appear, in my opinion, that nationwide, we have already hit the peak and are now on the downhill side with things subsiding. That’s good!  The weird thing is, that while things are getting better and more testing has been done, I am seeing more people than ever wearing masks— more than a few weeks back when things were actually worse!

While I had tuned in many times to hear news updates on CNN and Fox News, I got curious about what else is being said, from doctors or people who know vaccines, on YouTube or other websites.   I found this video interview, with Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.  (below)

NOTE: You are on your own with this video. What you do, or don’t do, and what you believe or don’t believe, is entirely up to you and your own doing.  I am not responsible or liable. I am not a Doctor and am not telling you what to do. That is between you and your Doctor, and is your own choice.   I am sharing info. It is up to you to use your own critical thinking skills. Also, sharing this video does NOT mean that I believe or agree with everything else on the website I found it on. I don’t.  So, with that said—

Meet Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.  She also has more/other videos on Youtube. And her own website. Have a listen, and decide what *you* think of this interview with her.  I found this to be interesting information, for example, right in the beginning and at 22 minutes-onward, and at 24 minutes-30 seconds-onward.

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One thought on “Interview w/Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on Covid-19 Virus”

  1. You have a right to your views.
    I, myself, am NOT against all vaccinations. Several times, I have gotten a flu shot, and sometimes for other things, too.
    It’s too easy to label anyone and then dismiss them. I never said the virus wasn’t real or that we shouldn’t take precautions. But Dr. Fauci is only one person and not the only one who knows anything!

    In a free and open society, I feel it’s good to let Dr. Tenpenny present her case and have her say. Fair-minded people would do this, as would a good judge in a court, hear both sides.

    The answer, may be for another expert to show how, point by point, she is wrong, if she is. I don’t know, but I’ll listen. We won’t know if we don’t hear what she says, and why, and make up our own minds after hearing from her herself, not what others label her. It is said that “Truth does not fear investigation.” So let someone show where and how and why she is wrong, rather than silencing or ignoring.

    People have already been inconvenienced, for too long. Hospital admissions for Covud-19 have already been declining. It appears that the worst is over. Too many people are losing businesses, worried about their house payment, and some have taken to protesting.

    While safety is important, we can never completely escape all risk. Life must go on.

    I found this interview w/ Dr. Sherri Tenpenny to be interesting and thought-provoking. I invite others to see for themselves what they think, after they hear her. That’s fair.


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