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So! You visit a new church. You visit 4 times. You decide you like it there. You decide to become a member.  So you fill out a Membership Application.


Have you ever stopped to realize: Seriously? Was it necessary for anyone who wanted to become a Christian to “apply” for nembership at say, the Church of Corinth? Or the Church of Philippians? Or Thessolonica? I seriously doubt it! It was very likely enough to convert (not necessarily from there) and to simply keep on showing up!

Nowadays we have Computers and I have read online of Churches today who keep computer files on their members and even labeling some of them as “ANTAGONISTS” to the Pastor!, if they dare to question anything taught from the pulpit.  Or maybe ask too many questions, or bring up another view in a Bible study, etc. I’m serious! There have been testimonies online written about this. But they won’t announce that they’ve done that to you.
Really, do they *need* to know your annual income? Or even your occupation? (unless you’re a stripper, etc.) Do they ask you for your Social Security number?  Why? It’s none of their business! Maybe they don’t ask for your Social security number, but still…

Honestly, when was the last time you were physically sick but still at your home, not in a hospital, and the Pastor, or anyone else really, came out to your house out of “Agape-Love” to check on you? Very Seldom, I’ll bet.

So then, really, why should joining church need any more than your Name?

Do you really honestly *expect* your new Church to do a background check on every single member in their congregation? No? Then why do they even need your phone number? Or email address, or physical address for that matter. Really! What they care about is whether or not you show up for services! And seriously, why does your address and phone number really *need* to be “on file”? Let’s say your Church has 150 people in it, or more. Why can’t you simply give your phone number to 10 or 11  people you’ve become close to? Who else needs it? Why?

What if you kept regularly attending services without officially joining? Would they require you to join (fill out paperwork) or leave? Is that Biblical?

Your privacy can be abused, even in Church. It isn’t necessary for Salvation. But most folks just follow along, never questioning….   Click comments, above the beginning of this post, then keep scrolling down to see all of them.  Thanks.




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    1. You bring up a good point, what was Christianiy before…..
      More & more, I am thinking it is worth looking at “before & after Augustine” as an important dividing-line.
      And who was “Origen”. He wrote something called: the Hexalpa..? Hexapla?
      Who was Polycarp?
      What was “The Didache”? Who wrote The Shepherd of Hermas? Who was Irenaeus?
      Who was Arius?
      What was Pelagianism?
      Before the King james version of the Bible, many people read The Geneva Bible. Can we still read it today?
      I believe that Joel Osteen is not the correct Christianity. But what is wrong with John Wesley (Methodism). I am not saying that is “the way”, but I’m curious how it may be wrong.
      In my opnion, the 5 biggest errors in the church today are:
      1. Calvinism
      2. Hyper-Grace churches
      3. The prosperity-gospel
      4. The teaching of “once saved, always saved.”
      5. the Fervent, even vicious, vigilant attacks, against anything having to do with “Works” as opposed to Grace.
      Imagine those five were gone. Now what? I’d say, now you’re getting somewhere.
      By the way, what denomination are you? Just curious
      Oe more thing, the PRE-tribulation rapture is false. Read “The Great Rapture Hoax” by Dave MacPherson (McPherson?)
      Not that many years ago, Christian Author Dave Hunt died. He wrote a Book called: Beyond Seduction. I dont have it, but have read a couple others by him. has it. It appears that book and The Seduction of Christianity are needed more than ever, today. The Prosperity Gospel is false.
      Bonus trivia—which of the 16 types might the Apostle Paul be?
      Thats it for now. 🙂

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  1. Hi Kate!
    More comments. I’ll have to check out that link you sent. Should be interesting.
    What can I say? I enjoy picking apart and comparing different views/opinions. Get ready for a “monster-post”. haha

    Yeeeeaarrrs ago, I read all of the New Testament, in 3 different translations. (total 3 times). I am not an Atheist, but I don’t go to Church, either. I’ve read things pro & con. Off & on, I guess “explorer” comes closest, for me. We all decide for ourselves.

    I do not believe in “Calvinism”. (from John Calvin, who got it from Augustine, but I am thinking Augustine was wrong). In fact, I am starting to suspect there may well have been Major differences in Christianity before, and after, Augustine. This is worth looking into further, sometime.

    Most churches today I think are waaayyy off. My opinion.
    In years past, things may have gotten too “fire and brimstone” but these days, they are far too much the other extreme with “God is Love” (to an extreme) and “Hyper-Grace” churches. A popular key doctrine I don’t agree with is: “Once saved, always saved”. This is, in my opinion, very likely THE single most wrong teaching there is, and directly responsible for the lax-ness, coasting-along, blue jeans-n-sweatshirts “yeah, dude. Its cool. The Lord n I are ol’ college buddies” attitude we see today. The pendulum has swung too far to the other extreme. You may “get saved” but you CAN still blow it!. Dr. Charles Stanley is wrong! Now that you’re saved, it’s a “Daily Walk”. You CAN “turn away”. You could–“backslide”. Apostasy, can happen. The Apostle Paul talked about fighting the fight, and running the race. It was an ongoing effort. he didn’t get saved and just “coast” into heaven.

    Then there are unanswered questions: Noah’s Flood. It’s over. The waters go back down. Noah and the animals come out. Where? Let’s say, somewhere in central Asia? Iran? Southern Russia? But that doesn’t matter so much to this next point. OK, so it was on the top half of the earth,and Inland. So my question is: from there, HOW did any animals at all get to—-Australia (surrounded by water. Did they swim hundreds of miles? How did New Zealand’s sheep get there? or how did animals get to Ireland? To Argentina? The ONLY explanation I’ve heard to this is the concept of “Pangea”..i.e..the continents breaking up. But I feel that is very flimsy, at best. I admit, I *could* be wrong. But the question persists.

    I’ve read things pro and con. “mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis, would be “in favor of”. Bertrand Russel’s Why I am Not a Christian would be against. But I am not responsible for another persons belief, unbelief, or wrong belief. Each one should investigate for themselves.

    And then there’s a whole slew of New Bible Translations. I would stay away from “The Message” and the New International version, and the Living Bible. Too loose, in the attempt to be more readable.
    No, I’m not going to say the original King James is the only right one. I prefer the Revised Standard Version of the NEW King James. The New American Standard is widely respected,too.

    And what about the old Hindu scriptures–the Vedas?
    And why should someone suffer in Hell, for eternity, for (by comparison) a small and finite amount of evil in an earthly life? The punishment seems waayyyy out of proportion to the “crime”. Still, I can’t accept “universalism” (everyone is saved), either.

    OK, enough! (it may have been too much). I’m probably sounding farrrr more religious than I am. There is also a good Philosophy 101 book I recommend: “Philosophy Made Simple” by Popkin & Stroll. Barnes & Noble should have it.
    Sometimes I listen to AC/DC and enjoy a cold beer.
    This is just all stuff i remember from off -n-on dabbling, over many years. It accumuates, but again, I gotta do other different things, too. But thats just me. Variety is good.
    PS–Joel Osteen is another one who I feel is Bogus. In this short video, John MacArthur calls him out.
    #Christianity #Churches #Beliefs #Theology

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  2. Greetings! and welcome back.
    More stuff:
    Regarding John Wesly, etc…
    You: …”I think it’s very dangerous when we elevate other “Christian” leaders, pastors, visionaries, writers, and speakers almost to the authority level of Christ.”

    Me: OK. Sounds reasonable but–we should keep in mind that what we know about Christ comes from bibles and scriptural texts which were/are translated by Men! So in a sense, what we believe and know about Christ is what men (who translated the old texts) have said what the scriptures/texts say. And how might Tyndale’s Bible translation be different from say the ESV (English Standaard Bible) or the Young;s Literal Translation. Speaking of Young’s….go into a Christian bookstore and ask where the Bible Concordances are. Don’t be too surprised if the only one available to buy is “Strong’s Exhaustive Concordance”. Hmmm. That raises a eyebrow. ie. anytime there is ONE reference that says what things mean. Whoever controls that, controls beliefs. Do stores even have a Cruden’s Concordance anymore? I am not saying Cruden was right on everything and can we still buy YOUNG’s Analytical Concordance? The Keyword Study Bible has words in it keyed to Strong;s. I dont know of ANY bible that has a dictionary or concordance keyed to either Crudens or Young’s–at all! How and why did Strong’s get/have a pretty-much seeming “monopoly” on that sort of thing? Its simply good to have more than one thing to compare with. Why not? there is a whole bunch of bible translations, why not concordances or dictionaries?

    I looked up Peters, the guy from your video at the end. Sigh. It appears he is another Calvinist. Darn. I dont believe we are totally depraved, or born that way. And I have real problems with the idea of “the elect” and predestination. Further, I believe people have free-will and can decide to accept or reject. John Macarthur, much as I agree with him on Joel Osteen and some other things, is also a Calvinist. Too bad. I also think John Calvin got alot of his ideas from Augustine. But Augustine may have been wrong about quite. This next video was a bit eye-opening for me when I first heard it. Also, I am not an eastern orthodox, which I think the guy in this video is. In addition, after watching the video, the idea occurs to me that it may be worthwhile to find out more about “The Great Schism in 1054” between eastern and western christianity. Christians today harp over n over about being saved by “grace” not of works let any man should boast, according to the apostle Paul. The everyday christians hear this endlessly from TV preachers and likely church preachers and accept it easily…but no one ever mentions Matthew Chapter 25 (or is it 26?) when Jesus talks about dividing the sheep from the goats. Question: How were these people judged? I was hungry and you fed me. I was in jail and you visited me, etc…sounds like “works” to me.

    Next question: (and again, no one ever talks about this—if push really came to shove….are you gonna go with the apostle Paul? or Jesus himself? but like I said, no one talks about that. Here’s the video about Augustine. This was new info for me. I am not saying it is the final answer, just that it was new to me and shed a new light on things. There probably even more things to look at.

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  3. Kate,

    Alan Watts, from England, (died in ’74 i think) used to be on the radio and wrote many books. likely still carries most of them.

    I don’t always agree with Watts.
    He taught alot of Comparative Religion to us Westerners. He was very well-read.
    When he gets in Hindu-stuff and goes on about “the Self” and how all is one and you are “it” and one with the all, etc….i think he is wrong.
    Some of his stuff on Taoism I find interesting but I also wanted to share this video, because it touches on “Grace”, “Right Actions” and Beliefs. Disclaimer: I am not responsible for anyone else’s belief, unbelief, or misbelief. Everyone must investigate and decide for themselves. -Owl

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    1. Greetings!
      This is my 2nd of two new replys. Sometimes, you make a new discovery. Like I did, with this video, below.

      The “Sinner’s Prayer”. Many Christians have likely already heard of this, but is it right? HOW do people get saved? I’ll bet hardly 1 Christian in 100 has any idea of the History of this, how it all went down, and changed over the years!

      I found this to be eye-opening. It is surprising how what happened years ago, does have a clear impact on what Christians believe and practice. Check it out, and see how this, leads to this, which led to that, etc. Ask 25 Christians if they’ve ever heard of Billy Sunday (not Billy Graham) and I’ll wager hardly anyone has (maybe your grandmother). Here’s the link:
      #Bible #Sin #Christianity #Salvation #Theology

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  4. Hi Kate!
    Somehow, I am only now seeing that you wrote a reply days ago. I don’t know why I didn’t see this earlier.

    Yes, I believe that if someone is a Christian, that the christian life is a “Daily Walk” and its about how one’s life is lived. There is just ssoooo much that is preached and taught these days, in churches, on TV, in books, that I feel is wrong (the Word-Faith movement, Calvinism, Hyper-Grace churches, the belief in “Once Saved, Always Saved” and more). It’s possible that I may be wrong about some things. In saying that, I will also say that I feel that I usually make a good effort to be well-informed and to have some specific info to back up my views. Still, I’m only person and can’t read everything. Furthermore, there is life beyond reading. Religion, Psychology and Philosophy are interesting topics. But one can get overloaded and need a break. Still, its good to be informed.
    I believe works are not bad and deserve more credit and less criticism (remembering Matthew Chapters 25 &26).
    And yet, I would hope that there is more to going to Heaven than “service” and how many sandwiches one makes at the soup-kitchen for others. I realize that I referred to Jesus and when he talked about feeding the hungry, visiting those in jail, naked and you clothed me, etc….and yet, It would seem like drudgery to me if going to heaven is about how much “community service” one does.
    On the other hand, just “coasting” along with a lax, yeah, dude, its cool, Jesus and I are ol’ college buddies attitude isn’t right, either.
    And then there’s the questions that skeptics ask. And other religions. And on it goes.

    Sometimes I just don’t care anymore! Spiritual burnout.

    Too much garbage out there and not enough believable, doable, or useful-enough or happy enough Truth. In my opinion, but everyone must decide for themselves, regardless of what I believe.

    Relating more now to your latest reply:
    I already knew about the website. I see you do, too. 🙂
    There is also a (or .com?)
    I may not believe everything in/on these sites, but I find them useful.
    There is also Dan Barker and his book: Losing Faith in Faith
    There is also Lee Strobel’s The Case For Christ

    With Dave Hunt, I have only read a couple of his books. I am aware that he has written against Calvinism and also the Word-Faith movement. Much of his writings I haven’t read. Not even half.
    When I cite or provide a link to him, or anyone, it does *not* mean that I believe everything they say. Or Alan Watts, or some Philosopher. Most of the time, when I am mentioning anyone, it’s because I feel they are relevant to a specific point I am discussing, but they may write other things that I don’t agree with at all. Also, by arguing against anything, it does not necessarily mean that I believe the belief at the opposite end of the scale, either. For example, arguing against Calvinism does not mean that I am an 100% hard-core Arminian, either. Just sayin’.

    That said: here is an informative link to Dr. Jerry Walls, who makes a case against Calvinism. And then, you mentioned “secondary” things that are not essential to Salvation. Ok. But this raises another thing: even “how to get saved” can be debated, even amongst Christians. I have always believed that Repentance, was certainly a needed part, in getting saved. And after getting saved one would still need to “turn away from sin”. But these days it appears that even Repentance is debated. Go figure!
    I hear about “easy Believism”, And then there are people who followed “the 4 Spiritual Laws (tract)”. Or people who “asked the Lord into their heart”. Did anyone in the New Testament do that? In the last 200 yrs, who started this? Billy Sunday? (see Youtube). Billy Graham?These things are done, but are they correct? Pentecostals speak in tongues. Presbyterians dont. The Church of Christ teaches you need to be baptized (by immersion) to be saved. Baptists say it isn’t necessary for salvation. Catholics believe in the Trinity. Unitarians do not. Some people preach “lordship Salvation.” Others criticise it. Seventh Day Adventsists dont eat shellfish as they are “unclean meats”. A Methodist probably wouldn’t have an issue with it.

    See: Handbook of Denominations by Mead. (meade?)

    So Salvation itself, along with other things, gets debated, within the Christian community or church. Meanwhile, who bothers to actually read their Bible? I am reminded of “Study to show thyself approved, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed”….. Normally, I would mention the book, chapter and verse, but if I leave this post to look it up I think I will lose all of this post and have to type it all over again. 1st or 2nd Timothy in this case, I think.

    And now, it’s time for me, to enjoy some music and a cold beer. (wink) Within responsible moderation, of course.

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